The big little world of Indian families: Our favourite articles

April was for Family, a word packed with meaning and emotion. We explored the diversity and complexity of Indian family relationships. And we shared stories of legacy and heritage handed down through generations, given new expression by younger family members. Here are some of our favourite pieces featuring Indian families.

Debasmita Dasgupta’s  ‘My Father Series’

Dasgupta collected positive stories of the special bond shared by fathers and daughters and featured them as heartwarming illustrations. Click here to read some of the stories.

Urvashi Bahuguna’s ‘The Years Come A-Tumbling’

Bahuguna revisits moments with her family; her mother diligently making her wings and she as a young girl, giving away a ring for the wrong kind of love. In an interview with us, she spoke about her family, poetry and more. Click here to read our interview with her.

Isobel Mehta’s ‘Narrative’

Mehta’s ‘narrative’ is both a personal chronicle of family, as well as a larger portrait of migrant life and identity. Her illustrative project presents ordinary moments of domestic life and the quiet warmth of community. In an interview with us, she talks about stories of migration, adaptation and echoes of ties that bind continents. To read more, click here.

Dysfunctional families of Indian fiction: A Reading List

Navigating the complex territory of Indian families, we listed some books that describe the intricacies of an Indian family life; crazy dinners, birthday parties, eccentric ceremonies, relationships, and toddlers too! To know more, click here

Web Series: 6 onscreen families that won the internet

Indian families with their melodrama have conquered the hearts of Indian audience. However, most often they are exaggerated and dramatized. This list of Indian web series shares family stories that are rooted and real: a family fighting for their home, a daughter bonding with her father after the mother’s demise, a 12 year old trying to wrap his head around the complexities of an Indian family setup and more. Click here to watch the video.

And don’t forget to check out our favourite pieces inspired by Democracy, which we discussed in March here.




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