The 15 best artist residencies in India

Are you an artist looking for a little time and space to create, away from the stress and noise of everyday life? We’ve got you covered.

India has many programmes that encourage and support creative individuals in their practice, by offering residencies and resources. Here are fifteen of the top residencies:


1. Sanskriti Foundation

Duration: September – April

Deadline: Applications can be submitted around the year

The Sanskriti Foundation aims to help artists from all over the world collaborate with Indian artisans and craftsmen, and their  sylvan five-acre campus provides just the right atmosphere for an artist to learn new skills and refine their own.

The foundation offers both individual and group residencies in co-operation with UNESCO, Australia’s Asia-Link and the Fulbright Fellowships Programme.

Find more details here.

2. Craft Village

Deadline for Tiles and Bath Fittings Residency: 30 January

Duration: 8-10 weeks

A belief in the legacy of craftsmanship in India as a precious
cultural community is what spurred Craft Village into conducting workshops and offering an artist residency.

Artist Residency programs are offered twice in an year, and this year’s residency is particularly aimed at artists who are passionate about Concrete/Product/Tile Design. The artist will live in a cottage in the heart of Delhi and be provided a studio for moulding, finishing, drying. The artist will need to develop a range of concrete tiles and bath fittings in artistic blend with strong/durable aesthetics.

This residency provides for all meals, tools and materials, with a USD 6000 stipend for a 8-10 week residency.

To check for more details and for upcoming residencies, click here.


3. What About Art

Duration 1-4 months

Deadline: The deadline for 2018 has passed in April but you can always try next year!

This international art residency was set up in 2013 and began as a space to have conversations about moving-image and video art.

This is a paid residency. Artists are provided individual studio space and accommodation in Bandra at a nominal fee. Artists are responsible for all costs of travel, visa, insurance and food.

And an international residency programme, they also provide networking opportunities and arrange artist talks at their premises.

For more info.

4. Space 118

Duration: One month

Deadline: No deadline, however, it’s best to apply 3-6 months in advance from when you would want to start the residency.

Space 118 offers both experienced artists and enthusiastic creative types the space to dedicate time and energy to their projects.

Artists applying for the studio and residency space must be dedicated practitioners, either self- taught or formally trained. The residency is not restricted to visual artists – even photographers, graphic designers, curators, documentary filmmakers and those working in related arts fields can

Once you are in, there will be ice-breaker sessions to get to know the other artists who are staying at Space 118. Interactive one on one sessions with mentors, an exhibition of the artist’s work and other workshops and events are all to be expected during the residency here.

Find more details here.


5. Art Ichol

Art Ichol is a platform for creating, sharing and promoting the creative arts. Their residency is offered at three estates: The Art Ichol skill center, Amaria and The Maihar Heritage Home.

The skill center is primarily for artists interested in sculpting, stone and wood carving, clay modelling and painting. The rooms provided are luxurious and the environment is one made for aesthetics with an open sculpture park nearby.

The second center, Amaria, is a writers retreat. Set on the river bank of Tamas, this retreat provides an idyllic view for some penmanship. And the Malhar Heritage Home focuses on leading a balanced lifestyle as they have a homegrown vegetable garden and a pottery center too.

Art Ichol provides a 9 month residency scholarship for underprivileged artists who want to stay here.

For more information, click here.


6. Farm Studio

Duration: 2 weeks to 1 month

Deadline: Open call between July to March

The blue city of Jodhpur offers just the right terrain for an artist to thrive, with its rich culture and beautiful buildings. Farm Studio aims to promote and celebrate the community’s artistic and cultural identity, as well as support a community-based open platform where creativity can unfold free from usual distractions.

Farm Studio residency applications are open to artists, researchers, designers, architects, scientists and farmers with a common interest in creating frameworks for exchange. The residency provides accommodations and studio space in exchange for a contribution of 8 hours of labour per week to help renovate and maintain Farm Studio buildings and grounds as well as other projects, suited to skills and temperament.

The Farm Studio residency is also available at another
location, Andore, which is 185 kms from Jodhpur.

Find more information here.


7. Vice Versa Foundation

Duration: Four – eight week residencies

Deadline: Applications can be submitted throughout the year

Imagine creating art in a Goan heritage home, nestled away near the seaside – sounds blissful right? This residency by Vice Versa (an independent and non profit art foundation) is an all expense paid program for an individual artist, which covers studio space, a cash stipend of $250 per month, lodge and board and limited art supplies. Two or three works will be selected from work completed at the residency for the foundations collection.

The only catch is that they have only one or two artists are admitted into the program each month.

Find more details here.

8. Tatva

Deadline: Applications for Upekkha: Therapeutic Residency for Multidisciplinary Artists are open

Duration:  1st – 29 July | 17 October – 14th November 2018

Tatva is an international Anglo-Indian organisation that focuses on emotional awareness and wellness an offer a very unique residency program by combining elements of psychotherapy with art.

Their upcoming residency programme is titled Upekkha: Therapeutic Residency for Multidisciplinary Artists. Featuring personalised sessions, group circles and artist meetings, this residency invites artists to go on a journey of self-exploration, self-awareness and emotional well-being.

Find more details here.


9. Kala Khoj 

Deadline: Year round application

Between the beach and organic farms, there is enough inspiration for any artist visiting Auroville, and the Kala Khoj residency takes full advantage of this scenery.

The programme works with more than 50 artists annually, in partnership with cultural and language centres in major Indian cities as well as the Pondicherry government. They are particularly strong in supporting educational aspects for artists, and are happy to conduct cultural tours around India and also organise exhibitions around India on request.

Find more details here.


10. D.I.S.C – The Art Residency

Duration: 45 and 90 days

Deadline: Details for the 2018 program are yet to be announced

Participating artists will enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and learn from folk and classical Indian artists of Odisha, thanks to the programme’s unique and creative structure that features learning craft from indigenous people, and one craft which is assimilated with contemporary craft culture.

There is a 45 day programme and a 90 day programme that is offered here.  It includes, lodging facilities, meals, working place, costs of the travels and workshops. In terms of accommodation, the residency offers a local style of living, to help the artist become intimate with his or her surrounding as well.

Find more information here.


11. Palette People Art Residency

Duration: 10 days to 3 months( Can be extended on request on a case to case basis)

Deadline: Round the year

Surrounded by the hills and valleys of the Idduki district, the artist village in Vagamon is a perfect place for artists looking for a bit of quiet to concentrate on their work.

This residency is run by Palette People, a registered charitable trust, and was born out of the urge to spot young talented artists and give them a space to showcase their work. Artists, musicians, writers, photographers, theatre and film personalities of all nationalities and others connected with visual and performing arts are all welcome here.

In terms of accommodation, there are single or twin sharing rooms available for a period of 10 days or three months (depending on what is decided between the artist and the residency). This, along with studio space and meals are available for a fee. Plus, Palette People supports the artists in their work through camps, seminars and talks. Artists can exhibit their works ( if they want) free of charge at the Palette People Art
Gallery in Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi.

Find more information here.


12. Chhaap Foundation for Printmaking Trust

Duration: Throughout the year

Deadline: Around the year

This program was brought to life by three eminent artists from Baroda: Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Vijay Bagodi and Kavita Shah. Gulam Mohammed Sheikh has received the prestigious Padmashri award in 1983 and Padmabhushan in 2014, both for his contribution to art.

Printmakers who would like to spend some quiet time to concentrate on their work and share their knowledge and experience with local artists can apply 6 months prior to their visit.

They will be given comfortable accommodation and a studio with two etching presses, hotplate and aquabox.

The studio requires residents to give one lecture, take part in a college interaction and hold an exhibition by the end of the residency, to keep the printmakers’ work alive.

For more information click here.


13. Kriti Gallery and Artist Residency

Duration: One month

Deadline: Year round applications

It’s easy to see why an artist would feel at home in Varanasi, the spiritual hub of India, and the city of the great poet Kabir. It is a city meant for people to seek something whether it is truth or peace or God.

A private studio and space will be provided to the artist as a part of this residency.

To apply here, one would be required to send artist details, biography and some insight into their artistic work.

Find more information here.


14. Raghurajpur International Art/Craft Exchange (RIA/CE)

Duration: October 12 – November 17 2018

Deadline: Applications are being accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Ever wondered how cow dung toys are made? How about dhorka metal casting? Both of these and more await at RIA/CE which gives residents the opportunity to learn a number of traditional skills taught such as Palm Leaf carving, Stone and Wood carving, Dhokra (Tribal metal casting), Coir (coconut straw) toy making, Paper Maché mask making, and more.

A treat awaits for performing artists too, with workshops on Gotipua, Odissi, and folk forms like Naga, Durga, Horse dancing and fire dancing.

Since it is a 5-week exchange, it feels like there is so much to learn in so little time!

Click here for more information.


15. Carpe Diem Residency

Deadline: To be announced.

If you don’t want to be restricted to a geographical place, try the Carpe Diem residency programme on for size. It’s a backpacking kind of residency programme as the facilitators believe that creative pursuit requires a free flow of space.

They also conduct intensive workshops, brainstorming sessions and free-flowing conversations to help artists carry out their projects.

Their previous year’s programme was hosted in Jodhpur. Who knows what is in store for the artists this year!.

Find more details here.

Did we miss out on any artist residencies? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Samah Mariam

Image credit: Art Ichol



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