10 Indian sustainable fashion brands we love!

It’s well known that fast fashion, which focuses on speed and low costs, is particularly bad for the environment. It is responsible for tons of solid waste, and is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights combined.

As a response to this – and in general, to the public’s growing awareness of the crucial need for sustainability, many Indian labels and independent designers are trying to reduce fashion’s negative impact on the environment.

We zeroed in on 10 Indian fashion brands who have incorporated sustainability in their couture. So, be mindful of what you wear and check them out:

1. Ka-Sha

A brand that weaves fabric with the intent to tell a story, Ka-Sha has been working towards a holistic integration of sustainability right from the materials, designing, and production to distribution. The Pune-based brand’s Heart to Haat initiative aims at zero waste generation, while also recycling and up-cycling materials to create practical products. All their pieces are created with natural fabric and dyes by skilled artisans. Click here to learn more.

2. Amrapali Boutique

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NOW LAUNCHED – NOBOBORSHO SPECIAL! .. Fabric: Baluchari Silk (Code : SB BR 5678) Price: 7200/- including shipping and GST. Blouse Piece : Yes (in running) To place an order, please DM or Whatsapp on 9820849639. DRY CLEAN ONLY. .. EDIT : SOLD OUT! .. Balucharis are rich, grand yet extremely light-weight silk sarees, characterized by intricate weaving in the palla and borders, depicting mythological stories, folk tales, historical and religious texts. .. Baluchari has silk threads incorporated in the weave, whereas Swarnachari, also known as the illustrious sister, has gold thread incorporated in the weave. Despite the difference, both are similar in weave, design and conception. .. An art weave offering traditionally from Bengal, Balucharis have come a long way after almost being extinct at one point and have survived only to return in full glory. .. Currently, Balucharis still continue to be the pride of Bengal and a treasured collectible that is a part of India’s heritage. .. #saree #ethnic #handwoven #handloomsaree #summerblooms #iwearhandloom #60handloomsareepact #ilovehandloom #balucharisaree #artisans #silksaree #baluchari #artwear #ethnicwear #handloom #sari #amrapaliboutique #classysarees #contemporary #100sareepact #slowfashion #traditionalsaree #weddingsaree #indianhandlooms #sareelove #sareeindia #amrapaliboutique #sustainablefashion #ecofashion

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‘A quaint boutique in the heart of West Bengal’, the Amrapali Boutique specializes in handloom, eco-friendly sarees as well as blouses. Their handwoven designer sarees range from vibrantly extravagant to muted minimalistic pieces. The handwoven fabric is sustainable as it often makes use of locally sourced materials and is easy to recycle. Click here to learn more.

3. Doodlage

With holistic sustainability in mind, Doodlage sources its raw material from factory waste and creates pieces with fair wage units or ethical spaces. They patch together tiny scraps of fabric to create texture and recycle for stationery. The products are packed in 100% biodegradable plastics and the final layer of the packaging is reusable fabric totes made from any leftovers. Currently working on launching a buy-back program, Doodlage offers a minimalist-chic vibe to their designs and have organically curated a conscious audience since their inception. Click here to learn more.

4. Chakori Ethnic

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This is our another experiment…This is reversible tussar silk.Reversible means you can wear this saree from both the sides. It is a different weaving skill where weavers use two sets of silk yarn and with complex weaving pattern they create the two layered cloth. . It has two wrap and one set of weft and this has made this saree elegant and classy…This silk tussar saree has maroon and light magenta combination in their weaving .. . . Chakoriethnic presents reversible handwoven tussar silk saree in natural dye .. . Available on website.link given in bio . . https://www.chakoriethnic.com/products/handwoven-tussar-silk-saree-89d7fe08-8d31-46c7-856a-51f7e9208ed0?category=tussar-silk-saree . . . #tussarsilk #saree #sari#chakoriethnic #chakoriethnicsaris #handwoven #handmade #linensarees #saree #sari #handcrafted #fashionblogger #indianfashionblogger #fashion #style #drama #artisans #bihar #slowfashion #100sareepact #sustainablefashion #indianethnicwear #banglore

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This brand works with rural artisans and craftsmen in their endeavour to create sustainably fashionable garments. Keeping with the brand moniker, the label creates ethnic wear. Their pieces come in various traditional prints like Kalamkari, Shibori, Hand block, Dabu, Indigo and Phentiya prints. Check out their handwoven, experimental fabric which makes a bold statement in terms of sustainability. Click here for more.


This Noida-based fashion label has been using processed organic dyes obtained from grass, onion skin, and coffee/ tea leftovers, and is researching about incorporating leftover flowers from weddings as dyes as well. Apart from this, they are looking at collaborating with village artisans to promote fair trade. The brand’s goal is to make sustainable fashion for everyone by making it affordable fashion. Click here to learn more.

6. Runaway Bicycle

This Mumbai-based fashion house specializes in clothing and home décor. The brand collaborates with weavers to make handloom pieces from scratch. Through use of natural dyes, khadi, organic cotton, and other hand-woven fabric, the Runaway Bicycle exudes a minimalist yet sophisticated vibe in their clothing. Click here for more.

7. Button Masala

The brand offers an interesting take on sustainable fashion which is having absolutely no scrap fabric or stitching. Button Masala actively teaches people how to easily make use of fabric in versatile ways with just buttons and rubber bands, and according to one’s needs. This means zero wastage and maximum satisfaction. The brand also shares its technique through workshops and allows the fabric to represent itself. Click here to learn more.

8. Sundarii Handmade

Blending contemporary and traditional designs, Sundarii Handmade has been sustainable-conscious since its inception. With the intention to create garments that are trendy, affordable and environment-friendly, this brand uses natural dyes and natural fabrics like cotton, and rare fabrics such as Mashru and Modal silks. The brand also collaborates with rural artisans such as getting mirror and embroidery work done on their pieces by the tribal women of Kutch with a purpose of maintaining fair trade. Click here for more.

9. Nool by Hand

The sole purpose of this Tamil Nadu-based fashion brand is to sustain the handloom sector. Using 100% natural, hand-woven fabric for their designs while leaving the ‘tiniest carbon footprint’, Nool creates a fusion of fashion and comfort that are of premium quality. They also support rural communities of artisans who have been equipped with handloom tools to perfect the craft of weaving. Click here to learn more.

10. Mantra

Mantra is a design studio based from Kochi that specializes in sustainable ethnic wear. Apart from reusing paper for their sketches, this brand also encourages minimal fabric wastage by paying their cutters by the amount of fabric they are able to conserve. Click here to learn more.

Do you know of an Indian fashion label that promotes sustainability that we didn’t include on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Anvitha Satheesh Keremutt


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