5 Indian Wedding Invitation Card Designers to look out for

For many, wedding invitations are a defining part of the wedding. It’s a mini-reflection of what makes you a great couple, and the very first glimpse others have of your special day. In the interests of…research, we scouted five talented Indian wedding card designers dedicated to making your day really your day.

1. Tosha Jagad

Mumbai-based Tosha Jagad has been designing and illustrating professionally for close to eight years now. Her wedding cards usually reflect the setting of the wedding. In this case of the wedding cards above, inspiration bloomed in the quiet gardens of Mahabalipuram, reflecting in the subdued pastel colour scheme of the card. Jagad picked out elements of each occasion, and the emotions attached to them, and portrayed them through elegant symbols.

“Using ferns and twigs for the sangeet which was being held at the garden area and more of flowers for mehendi and a little bit of inclusion of palm leaves as it was near the coast. And the most obvious choice for the wedding day, which was the lotus as it has such deep connection to Hindu culture,” she says.

Image Credit: Tosha Jagad

2. 211 Studio

Image Credit: 211 Studio

Founded by Ayeshe Sadr, a textile designer, and Ishaan Dasgupta, a graphic designer, 211 Studio was borne from a passion for illustration.

The wedding card above, is in fact, their own. “We liked the idea of showing the emotional and logical dependence we have with each other, hence the eating of the brain and the heart,” Dasgupta says.

3. Kimya Gandhi

Image Credit: Kimya Gandhi

This Mumbai-based illustrator and designer makes sure your special day is remembered by everyone you invite.

Specializing in custom wedding stationery, she tries to deliver a unique design experience for every couple. In this card, she mixes modern illustration with the traditional folk art of India. The colour scheme and central image of the timeless love of Radha-Krishna point to the practice of Madhubani art.

Gandhi even experiments with a different, non-standard size ratio to see how far she can take the traditional into the modern. And part of that design endeavour is making a keepsake out of an invitation, ensuring it doesn’t end up in the trash.

4. Design Dimensions

Image Credit: Design Dimensions

New Delhi-based design studio Design Dimensions has been in the game for nineteen years now.

In this card, they work with the art style of Kalamkari, otherwise seen on fabric. The two prominent images on the card are that of the Tree of Life and the peacocks, for wisdom, growth, grace and dignity. With its vibrant colours and clever uses of symbols, these creations are a delightful way of announcing your union.

5. Nandini Chandavarkar

Image Credit: Nandini Chandavarkar

A designer, illustrator and ceramicist in the making, New Delhi-based Nandini Chandravarkar is another talented artist that makes you want to know what is it in New Delhi’s water?

Her trendy ‘Save the Date’ cards tell the story of the couple in an intimate manner. This particular card celebrates two distinct cultures coming together, and Chandravarkar portrays the same in a comical and quirky way. She takes a stereotype for each culture’s cuisine as defining images for the couple against a simple colour palette. Coconut oil versus mustard oil, for the union of the Kerala and Bengal cuisines. “Both cuisines are truly represented and recognised by their cooking oil, both pungent; both rich. Though when put together, it’s a nail-biting match worth watching” she describes.

Written by Sandra Jiju


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