Our Favourite Articles inspired by Democracy

Artists have time and again used their art to demand proper representation, better governance, and henceforth a healthy democracy.

So, in March, we turned the spotlight on artists who have used their work to be unapologetically honest in judgement, raising concerns about the political environment, in hopes that while their work itself might not change the world, it will empower those who will.

Searing, sarcastic and subversive: Abhilash Baddha’s art will make you stop and think

Image Credits: Abhilash Baddha

Abhilash Baddha’s art is not just to soothe the soul but also to set it on fire. Armed with humour, irony and a treasure trove of talent, Baddha is constantly battling the powers that be, in order to ensure the survival of a healthy democracy. In an interview with us, Baddha speaks about his inspirations, subversive art, and his journey as a political satirist. Click here to read more.

5 Indian Political Satires That’ll Leave You In Splits (And Make You Think)

Image Credits: R.K.Laxman

In a nation where political criticism often decorates you with death threats, and history and science is ‘literally rewritten’ by ‘leaders’, we listed some fearless satire that leaves you to ponder over the political atmosphere of our country. The list includes Raag Darbari by Shrilal Shukla, and Miss Laila Armed and Powerful by Manu Joseph. Click here to read the entire list.

Top Indian Web Comics that are Redefining Political and Social Satire

Image Credits: Rashtraman

With elections looming, it is essential to understand the realities of the political and social discourse. And for those of us who aren’t attuned to them through articles and talk shows, comics are the ideal entry point. We listed some of the best Indian webcomics around to help you see the funny in the socio-political climate  around you. Click here to see who made the list! 

Written by Angel Maria Varghese



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