Thanks to ‘Kannada Gottilla’ you now have no reason to say “Kannada Gottilla”

Kannada Gottilla


Bangalore is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, teeming with people from all corners of India and abroad. They love the city, its weather, work environment, and events that occur throughout the year. The only hindrance: a lack of knowledge of the local language.

Most non-Kannadigas who need to communicate with vegetable vendors, maids, auto drivers and shopkeepers feel stuck, and make do by saying “Kannada gottilla” which means “I don’t know Kannada.” There are many who are willing to learn the language but are pressed for time, and books that claim ‘Learn Kannada in 30 Days’ are not a practical solution.

Now, online platform ‘Kannada Gottilla’ can help. The website offers 3 programs that teach basic and complex grammar and language skills. Those who register are added to a WhatsApp group of 25 students. They are guided by teachers who help with pronunciation and usage, with the help of voice and video clips. This allows students to learn the language at their convenience, such as during a long commute.

This spark for the site was kindled when Anup Maiya, a Kannadiga, had to move to Pune for work and was unable to find a simple way to learn Marathi. He was inspired to use technology to help people learn Kannada in an interactive manner, and worked with his brother Rakesh to launch the site.

Roping in friends as teachers, they formulated their own syllabus, keeping non-Kannadigas in mind and making it simple for them to go from “Kannada Gottilla” to conversing in Kannada with ease. ‘Kannada Gottilla’ charges a minimal fee for WhatsApp lessons, which Anup says, is meant to keep frivolous minds away.

So for non-Kannidagas in Bangalore, it’s never too late to start. What are you waiting for?

For more information, head on over to the ‘Kannada Gottilla’ site or their Facebook page.

Written by Anisha Kashwani

Featured image source: ‘Kannada Gothilla’


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