Meet The Photographer Who Drives You To Delve Deeper Into His Images

The saying ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’ is a cliche but nevertheless true, especially in the case of photographer Ashutosh Singh aka Pornsoup. Be it portraits or landscapes, his photos have a cryptic message waiting to be deciphered by audiences.

This Mumbai-based shutterbug is self-taught and began his journey with simple images captured by the camera of his phone. Little did he know that his knack for capturing surreal pictures would eventually make him a stand out in the industry.

Now, his art is not only appreciated by top brands but has also inspired many up-and-coming photographers. We had a conversation with him about his journey, inspiration and other details of his photo shoots. Here are his responses:

1)Can you tell us about the journey as a photographer so far?

Image credit: Pornsoup

So far the journey has been really great. Met interesting people, heard their awe-inspiring stories and in turn got inspired, as every individual had something beautiful to teach.

Being an introvert, it sometimes is hard to engage with people but the internet has changed that. My evolution has helped me to engage with all kinds of people and not just the ones that belong to my domain. I even had the opportunity to meet musicians, I could only dream of watching on Youtube. It’s great to hear from people that I have inspired them to take up art. Being someone’s motivation is surprisingly beautiful.

2)What keeps you inspired?

Image credit: Pornsoup

I’d have to say a lot of my inspiration comes from travel, people I meet during my journey, fellow photographers, various pieces of music and nature as well. As I always love to see things in detail and experience them, that helps me to express them better.

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3)How much planning goes into a shoot?

Image credit: Pornsoup

I spend a lot of time planning my shoot which includes my character’s backstory, jotting down concepts in my personal diary (which I mostly do every day), choosing the location and props according to the concepts.

My most favourite part is post-processing where I spend almost an hour on one image to achieve that moody calming tones until I feel I have perfectly achieved the best.

4)What made you interested in conveying metaphors through photography?

Image credit: Pornsoup

Visualisation is the most preferable medium and more impactful approach. I’ve no target audience and I’d love to expand endlessly for which it is the ideal means of expression.

5)What message do you want your photographs to convey?

Image credit: Pornsoup

I just wish people to create more art because that’s how we can keep the chain of inspiration going on. There is no particular message that I wish to convey except that I want people to feel emotions in its purity and be expressive in the most comfortable manner possible and what’s better than art, right?

6)What kind of story did you want to convey through this particular picture? 

Most of the images I create are based on my chaotic and wonderfully flawed thoughts, happenings, feelings, that I experience in my day to day life. While taking this shot all the light and dark parts around the subject’s face made me think of the anxiety which creeps up deep inside the gut once in a while and how suffocating it can be sometimes.

But then, there’s always the legitimate existence of hope, that one thing you see or think or the least feel.

There’s always something more to be perceived in the pictures taken by Ashutosh Singh. That’s what keeps them interesting and fresh. Don’t you agree with us? Let us know in the comment section below. Have a look at Pornsoup’s vast photo gallery on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Featured image credit: Pornsoup

Written by: Disha Mukherjee


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