GoodEarth: Making homes good for the Earth and you

From the walls to the doors to the curtains, do you ever look around and realize how much of nature gets incorporated into your home sweet home? Good Earth, an organization that aims to build environmentally sensitive buildings, not only allows you to live in a pretty house but also makes sure that no harm is done to your ecological surroundings. On the occasion of Earth Week, Good Earth speaks to us about the inevitable lifestyle change and tiny adaptations we can make to live a better life.

How was Good Earth started?

Good earth was started in the early nineties by a group of architects and engineers.

What is the objective of GoodEarth?

Good Earth is striving to create built environments that are sensitive to environment and people. The campuses we create help people connect with nature and sensitize them to quality indoor and door spaces. Good spaces give comfort and energy to people. The design has an important role in giving a sense of belonging and connectivity in a community.

What is the need for sustainable living spaces?   

A holistic vision of sustainable living is primarily the protection of the environment and celebrating the nature, energy design, craft and efficiencies of engineering. A lifestyle that is reflective and inward-looking is inspired by the right architecture.

Do you think it will become inevitable for everyone to switch to a sustainable lifestyle?

It will be inevitable and the only way for the human race to exist on this planet.

What other modifications can people make in their everyday life to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

Simple things like live without plastic, consume natural and organic agriculture produce which in turn protects the soil and ecology, use natural cleaning agents, soaps, shampoos, detergents etc improves the ecology with increased population useful microbes in the effluents, etc. A resolve to say no to non-degradable packaging materials is another aspect. Grow vegetables, use local produce etc is another step. Consumers awareness decides the protection of the environment. Practice non-violence strictly in the middle of all warmongering.

How can alternative architecture affect our everyday lives?

It can transform and sensitize society. Good spaces and natural environment can heal people.

How important is it for us to connect with nature?

The disconnect with nature is the biggest environmental crisis. Those not connected with nature will not bother to protect it. A connect with nature will open up the principles of nature, diversity, and interconnectivity. A close observation of nature helps us become reflective, non-violent and spiritual. Spirituality is not separate from nature but the essence of it.

What is your approach to sustainable architecture?

Design and build with love 🙂

When the environment you live in impacts you so much, it is a necessity to take care of it. With a little effort, you can lead a better and a more environmentally sustainable life.

Check out more about there work here and here.

Written by Yukta Reddy


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