Banwarey: fashion madness infused with desi soul

Banwarey: fashion madness infused with desi soul

After years of following western dictums of dressing, a new wave of Indian indie-fashion is ushering in a tide of ethnic eccentricity. And the four founders of Banwarey, with their finger firmly on the pulse, are rapidly accruing a fan base through their distinctive fashion sense: handcrafted merchandise that expresses a dialogue between what’s traditional and new, blending Western modernity and the magical mystique of India.

Banwarey was set up by Shruti Joshi, Apurva Nayal, Shrishti Jain and Ajay Singh Rawatt. The four friends, united by a “shared cultural viewpoint”, created the label during their final year of university.

The brand’s identity is built around its name which means ‘madness’ in Hindi. It is a name that allows the designers to dream up an eccentric and always unorthodox world and offer designs and prints, inspired by Indian artistry to the modern Indian woman.

Source: Banwarey

A quick look at their collection reveals designs made with traditional, colourful textiles. Inspired by an ethnic aesthetic yet balanced with contemporary trends, Banwarey offers peplum cholis, dhoti pants, saris with dramatic tassels at the end, and kutchi shoes; everything is raw, earthy, edgy and full of personality.

So if the idea of contemporary designs infused with Indian soul interest you, Banwarey will hit the right spot.

For more information, check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram  for a glimpse of new prints and designs.

Cover image source: Banwarey

Words by Pavi Sagar



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