Twitter Gets Fitter: Join India’s first online buddy workout movement

Twitter Gets Fitter

We aren’t joking when we say that Twitter may be the answer to motivating you to become healthy and fit this year. Thanks to a fitness program run exclusively through Twitter by Chitra Jidesh aka @BombayBellyrina, you can now join an online community of fitness buddies from around the world and get going.

Chitra decided to launch the workout plan in November last year upon wanting to find a fitness buddy who could help her stay accountable, motivated, and even fast-track her fitness goals. So she reached out to her Twitter followers for help. She received an immediate response, and thus #TwitterGetsFitter was launched.

Chitra created a personalized 45 day workout plan and a couple of videos to get started and the program soon became a hit, with the number of participants growing from 15 to more than 70.

Now, she’s working on fresh workout plans that include yoga, pilates and belly dancing too (Chitra is a belly dance instructor by profession). In conversation with The Asian Age, she comments “One of the reasons I think this worked so well is because I’m no gym rat. They relate to me better because I too am struggling with fitness. I’m not just cheering them on, but trying to better myself too and progressing with them.”

To join the program (it’s free!), simply get touch with Chitra via Twitter or Facebook. Find more information about the program on the Twitter Gets Fitter site.

Written by Shikha Pandey

Featured image source: @BombayBellyrina


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