The Indian Whistler’s Association will now teach you to whistle like a pro

Indian Whistler’s Association

Whistling, for most people is reserved to the notion of being a roadside Romeo. But the Indian Whistler’s Association (IWA), a 13 year old whistling community is keen on changing this perception by launching a course for those interested in whistling to hone their skills.

Started in 2004 by Rigveda Deshpande, a sound engineer by profession, the association’s aim is to establish whistling as an art and to ensure that whistlers are recognized as professional artists. “We’re hoping to remove the stigma that whistling is just for cheap people. Whistling is an art and we want people to recognise it” quips Deshpande in conversation with DNA.

With more than 400 registered members in IWA since its inception, it’s clear that there’s a sizeable community of invested whistlers in India, but what drives them?

Whistlers believe that it is a tough form of art that requires years of practice and precision to perfect. Most of the IWA members started it as a hobby and went on to become professionals; last year a 13-member Indian delegation attended the World Whistlers Convention in Japan and returned with four prizes. Member Swetha Suresh for instance, whistled a classical tune and performed Bharathanatyam simultaneously – a performance that won her the first prize.

Image Source: Mid-Day
Image Source: Mid-Day

The IWA has itself evolved as a community over the years, and now with an entire course that covers the history of whistling, different styles, what diet to follow, how to listen to music and understand it, aims to establish it as a beautiful and musical art form.

So, if you’re someone who wants to hone your whistling skills, learn how to whistle at a cricket match or a non-whistler who’s just tired of being in the minority, you know where to go. To learn more, take a look at their website and their Facebook page.

Written by Shikha Pandey

Featured Image Source: Open Magazine


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