This Bangladeshi superheroine fights fairness creams & auntybots

This Bangladeshi superheroine fights fairness creams & auntybots

Comics as a medium are a wonderful preserver of culture, effortlessly portraying the latest trends and norms prevalent in any society. With more than 100 films and television shows either recently aired, scheduled to be released, and in development, there’s no argument that comics have taken center stage in pop culture.

In recent times, comics from all parts of the globe have become more popular than anyone expected back in the early days of the industry. And amongst the kaleidoscope of superheroes, Bangladeshi ‘Ms. Shabash’ is like no other.

Ms. Shabhash, a self-proclaimed feminist comic is written by Samir Rahman of the Mighty Punch Studios, a Bangladesh-based production house, and drawn by Fahim Anzoom Rumman, Mosharraf Hussain (Nipu), and Shamim Ahmed. It was launched in March 2015, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Featuring the eponymous Ms. Shabash (a journalist by day and mango-powered caped-crusader by night), it is a blend of commentary on gender issues prevalent in society and superhero action.

For instance, Ms. Shabhash’s enemies include a CEO who forces fairness creams upon the citizens of Dhaka.

Source: Asian World News
Source: Asian World News

She also battles a set of Auntybots (droids in saris) who patrol the city, poking their noses into everyone’s affairs and issuing ‘obscenity cautions’. “Bangladesh and India are fundamentally the same as in these things,” says Rahman. “As though it is not sufficiently awful that ladies need to manage eve-prodding and provocation in the city, there are likewise these close relatives surveying them, requesting their bio-information for their children of eligible ages, or just basically letting them know how they ought to or ought not dress.”

The remarkable relatability of this superhero’s quests makes the comic thought-provoking and fun to read. Over the years, we have looked to find inspiration and hope in art and literature, and Ms. Shabash doesn’t fail to impress.

Written by Priya Unni

Featured image source: Book Riot


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