The scissor is mightier than the pencil: exploring the art of paper collage

The scissor is mightier than the pencil: exploring the art of paper collage

Finding beauty in chaos is a talent few people possess. To be able to recreate that beauty for the world to see is another talent entirely.

Meet Sukanta Dasgupta, the Pune-based collage artist who turns tiny pieces of paper into exceptional art. This artist, who has dabbled in the art form for four decades, painstakingly places bits pieces of paper on canvas to create his very own brushstrokes. His intricate process is something you have to see to believe!

“The lack of stillness or orderliness is very much a part of our lives,” Sukanta says. “I get inspired by such ‘uncovering’, as I call it. It is simple and pristine beauty waiting patiently underneath the chaos. To an extent, I can define my work as an interpretation of something many have come across.”

Source: The scissor is mightier than the pencil
Source: Sukanta Dasgupta on Facebook

A Senior Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering by day, and artist by night, Dasgupta carefully selects and cuts paper exactly as if he were choosing brush strokes, keeping in mind the texture, direction and length he wishes to achieve.

A lot of his works echo the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic, which celebrates imperfection by focusing on three things: nothing is permanent, nothing is complete, and nothing is perfect.

Piecing together hundreds of torn papers from various places, Sukanta manages to create mesmerizing expressionistic collages with a whimsical touch. His collection “Celebrating the Ordinary” showcases his artistic mastery over this not-so- explored art form through 24 eye-catching pieces.

Find out more and browse more art on his Facebook page.

Featured image source: The Golden Sparrow

Written by Advaitaa Ravi


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