‘Pictures Against Prejudice’ exhibition illustrates beauty of gestures of solidarity with LGBTQ community

While most people know what the acronym LGBTQ stands for, many are not aware of the daily experiences and struggles of the people it describes and binds together under an umbrella term. ‘Pictures Against Prejudice’ aims to change that.

As part of Mumbai’s Pride Week, the exhibition’s self-declared goal is to “translate the lived realities of queer people into visible, tangible images.” It was originally conceived of by the GetOverIt! team comprising three queer identifying women, Prashansa Gurung, Sonal Giani and Ushma Malik, who wanted to create a platform to give the queer community a means of expression to “illustrate, to think, and to reflect the rainbow hue that so perfectly encapsulates the essence of Queer Pride.”

In its fifth edition, the exhibition focuses on a theme of support, solidarity and intersectionality. Giani, in conversation with Asian Age, comments “These are powerful images, and depict emotions and struggles that the LGBT community faces. We have chosen artworks that aren’t gender-conforming — images that will create a resonance among the community, while giving others an insight into our lives.”

Image Source: Pictures Against Prejudice on Facebook
Image Source: Pictures Against Prejudice on Facebook

A ‘picture’s worth a thousand words’ notwithstanding, we hope that the ‘Pictures Against Prejudice’ opens up a dialogue on  LGBTQ issues and drives crucial conversations about simple lessons of acceptance and support.

For more information and to look at the collection, visit the ‘Pictures Against Prejudice’ site and you can follow them on Facebook for updates.

Written by Aiman

Featured image source: Pictures Against Prejudice on Facebook



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