March 2019 Roundup : Our Top 10 Favourite Insta Features

Art has, since the inception of time, managed to transcend borders and bring together a community of creative minds. That’s why we feature a range of intriguing and imaginative artists on our Instagram page every month.

Ranging from the fierce illustrations of women to architecture portrayed in ink, the artists we featured in March have outdone themselves by creating quirky, thought-provoking pieces.

Here are our top 10 Instagram features in March:

1. Aarifah

Aarifah, with her drive to create something meaningful, spoke to us about her journey and growth as an artist.

2. Madhura Jadhav

Madhura Jadhav in her piece, captures the intricacies of architecture using the medium of ink on paper.

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Architecture in Ink by Madhura Jadhav.

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3. Chaya with Maya ft. Zeeshan Ali

India’s favourite drag queen, Mayamma, in her simple yet fierce and outspoken persona, is seen interviewing the extraordinary designer Zeeshan Ali.

4. Denise D’Souza

D’Souza’s pigeon piece reminds us of the hilarious Monty Python sketch about swallows and coconuts.

5. Pavi Sankar

In an adaptation of The Kiss by painter Gustav Klimt, Sankar features famous actors Prem Nazir and Jaya Bharathi.

6. Naina Lamba

Filled with tropical vibrancy, Naina Lamba’s designs feature delicate blooms, exotic fruits, lush greens and wild animals.

7. Shusha ft Anand Bhaskar Collective

Shusha’s artwork, Hollow wounds don’t hurt, was created as part of the album cover for the alt rock band, Anand Bhaskar Collective.

8. Namrata

“Are there rabbits on the moon?” Namrata ponders in her work.

9. Lamya Dohadwala

Dohadwala’s pixel illustration reminds us of magic carpets, electric circuits and maze games all at once.

10. Pranisha Shrestha

Designer, animator and illustrator, Pranisha Shrestha, in her work, captures the orderly chaos of her study table.

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