The Bengaluru Poetry Festival second edition chases new horizons!

Poetry afficionados are descending on Bangalore for the second edition of the city's poetry festival,with performances discussions and workshops led by award-winning artists and burgeoning local writers in store.

Last year, the festival was attended by over 4,000 poetry lovers, and had a line-up of 60 poets, from India and around the world. The second edition promises to be even bigger and better.

The line-up this year includes Gulzar, Amjad Ali Khan, author Amit Chaudhuri, playwright Girish Karnad, North-Eastern poet Shalim Hussain, emerging poets such as Ranjani Murali and Mani Rao, as well as poetry publishers and editors such as Ananda Lal, R. Padmanabhan Nair and Sandeep Bhutoria.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

1) Sourav Roy,  journalist and Hindi poet, reads his poem titled 'Jungle Ke Janwar Aur Vartani Ki Galtiyan' (meaning Animals of the Jungle and Spelling Mistakes), his take on technology's interplay with language, with a hint of humour and love for the animal world.

2) Bangalore-based poet and writer Maitreyee B Chowdhury, reads her new poem set in Hampi, which looks at the Vijayanagara kingdom from the feminine perspective of a courtesan turned queen.

3) Amruta Dongray, author of PASTPRESENT, reads her poem 'Durga' which brings to fore the avatars of a woman and the plethora of powers that reside in her - love, fertility, nurturing, sacrifice, also destruction.

To learn more about the line-up and the festival's schedule, follow the Bengaluru Poetry Festival's Facebook page!

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