30 Truly Underrated Indian #Inktober2018 Illustrations

Come Inktober, hundred of thousands of artists from all around the world flood the internet with their incredible ink illustrations, every day for a month. But since there’s so much art to marvel at, thanks to the hard work and talent of India’s online artists, sometimes some pieces that deserve way more attention can get buried.

Here are 30 pieces we think should be on your #inktober radar:

1. Anirudh Singh

2. Praveen Kumar

3. Smita Chowdhury

4. Maryamhasan Ahmad

5. Poulomi M 

6. Aakash Singh 

7. Aishwarya 

8. Jonathan Fernandes

9. Chinmay Joshi 

10. Inspirancy Art

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Day 17 – Swollen: Bull frog. I have a set of Bianyo round synthetic brushes that I got from a local stationary shop. The biggest brush is so huge, I never thought I’d get to use it, until this guy came along. Enjoyed using the largest brush in layering his swollen vocal sac. Swipe to see the brush. Look how huge it is! #thatswhatshesaid 😂 #inktober2018 #inktober #inktoberday17 #inktoberday17swollen #inspirancy #inspirancyart #inspirancyinktober #inktoberchallenge #inktoberindia #brustro #brustrowatercolourpaper #derwent #derwentinktense #inktenseblocks #inktense #derwentartists #inkartist #ink #inking #inkpainting #inkonpaper #polinabrightso #scholarstationary #scholarinktober2018 #doodlewashoctober2018 #instaart #arttherapy #instaartist #creativemeditation

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11. Preethi Gajula Sangita

12. Asma Kazi

13. Adwait Pawar

14. Shruti Prabhu

15. Dileep G Krishna

16. Mehvina Naeem

17. Saurav Shete

18. Bipasa

19. Nonlinear Lines

20. Anushua Sinha

21. Jeni679

22. Abhitendra

23. Ramyani

24. Pallavi

25. Vidya Kamalesh

26. Madpaule

27. Samia Singh

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14 Gift: A long time ago this land was all forest. Animals roamed free, ate when they were hungry, slept when they were tired. Man discovered agriculture. In the beginning it was a gift. We could grow anything we wanted to eat. Soon chemicals began to be used as pesticides. The birds died. The rats died. The foxes that ate the rats died. The deer that ate the grass died. Forests were cut to grow things which were unsuitable to these lands. Too much water was used. There was no water left. Bore wells were dug to suck the water out from below the ground. The wells at 300 ft. dried up. 500. 700. Now the water comes from 1200 feet below the surface. #Punjab #mechanisation #agriculture #irrigation #water #inktober2018 #inktoberindia #makingadesert #desert #soil #pesticides

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28. Sourav

29. Smita Chowdhury

30. Luna

Did we miss out on your favourite Inktober pieces? If so, let us know which ones we should add to the list in the comments below.

Featured image credit: Smita Chowdhury, SouravAakash SinghMehvina NaeemNonlinear Lines



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