3 Indian Instagram Accounts Every Art Lover Should Follow

3 Indian Instagram Accounts

Much has been said about art being a direct result of the human capacity for creative and unconventional thinking and this isn’t far from the truth. Over the years, art has consistently driven and inspired people, through painting, music, sculpture and other forms.

To help you get your art fix, we’ve shortlisted three unique Instagram accounts you should be following for images that are both inspiring and eye opening. Here they are:



Dynamic, different and desi, this account curates and documents graffiti on walls across India.

The graffiti is varied but vibrant; a quick scroll through the feed and you will discover a picture of a zebra intertwined with a barcode painted on a wall in Pondicherry, a Madhubani painting on a little house in Barasat, and a beautiful portrait of a girl and her love for mangoes on a wall in the ghats of Varanasi.

Each is accompanied by a little caption that describes the artwork and provides insight into the context of the piece.



Coloring India, an organization that conducts workshops and events for artists all around the country, aim to inspire and connect artists with others through their account.

Showcasing vivid and colourful watercolour paintings, pictures from their fine art workshops, pencil drawing and the likes, the account is bound to tempt you to dig out your old camel paint set and set brush to paper.



Everyone knows a friend who collects matchboxes. This account is for them.

Run by Shreya Katuri, a 23-year old collector who has 800+ matchboxes in her collection from Rajasthan, Kerala, Sikkim, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and some from China, Botswana and Singapore.

The matchboxes are shot against landscapes, and others as close-ups. The labels are sometimes gods and goddesses, famous landmarks, and everyday objects. The slightly quirkier ones include one that bears the Jurassic Park T-rex logo, and others bear Disney princessses with Indian names.

“I’ve come to realise that every symbol has a deeper meaning — they tell stories of aspiration, everyday objects, and certain ideals in our society,” Katuri says.

What’s your favourite Instagram account to follow for creative inspiration? Tag us on their latest photo @kerosenedigital to let us know!

Featured image source: The Quint

Written by Nikhil Srinivas



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