The Wonderflip Festival 2017: Music, art, and a magical circus!

On a November night in rustic, rural Khempur, near Udaipur, get ready for the magic of the circus served up on an earthy platter, with a sprinkling of stars. The Wonderflip performing arts and musical festival is coming to the Haveli grounds to bring you three nights and four days of entertainment straight out of a storybook dream.

Wonderflip is a festival centered around the idea of immersive art, with an aesthetic that brings together the art of the circus with fairytale magic. The venue will be hosted on the grounds of The Haveli – a site most famous for being the shooting location for famed movie “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” It is a 45 minute drive away from Udaipur, amongst the open skies and the lush farmland of Khempur.

The festival is showcasing a wide array of performance artists, musical acts, and art installations, in addition to local tours and planned activities. Wonderflip has also teamed up with dance company Natya Nectar Dance to bring you not one, but three themed circus performances, one for each day of the festival: “Salvador Dali,” “Vintage Circus” and “Fairyland.”

There will be two music stages hosting live and electronic music, featuring a mix of international and Indian artists. The line up includes names like Aeden, Ankytrixx, Frankey & Sadrino, Hari and Sukhmani, Komorebi, The Chizai Quartet and more.

Art installations include intriguing titles such as “The Spirit of The Circus”, by fashion designer Gaurav Gupta, and “The Room of Reflections and Illusions” by Klove Design Studio. For thrillseekers, Royal Enfield is preparing a stunt zone that, according to the site, “will make you gasp, and without a doubt a few screams of terror will be heard as well.”

The festival takes advantage of the setting, offering nature walks, and daily camel safaris. There are even events that allow you to work with local farmers, and plant trees in the area – cultivating land you will make your home on for the festival’s duration.

While it’s become natural to expect a festival to leave behind a rather large mess in its wake, Wonderflip has implemented several policies to make sure the only footprint they leave behind is a green one. From bio-degradable food containers, to suggesting guests use the camp-provided Ayurvedic care products instead of mass-produced ones, and implementing systems for separation and disposal of all kinds of waste, Wonderflip might just be one of those rare festivals to leave the site in a better place than they found it.

Admirably, Wonderflip is also taking that extra step to ensure women feel safe at the festival with the Gaia Campsite. It is an area of female-only tents, and features include 24/7 lady security guards, special pick-up and drop-offs to and from the airport, specially curated survival gear, a chill-out zone and the promise of more surprises to come. The well-being and safety of Wonderflip’s female guests is a high-priority, which is certainly something more music festivals could serve to benefit from.

All in all, the Wonderflip festival is shaping up to be a truly unique experience. For lovers of the circus, for lovers of music, for lovers of the environment or for anyone who just wants to experience something special, the Wonderflip music festival has you covered.

For more information, visit their site and follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates on performers and festival events.

Written by Armaan Babu

Featured image source: Wonderflip Festival


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