Willy Wonka & Stories in Chocolate: In Conversation With ‘All Things’ Founders

Food and memories are intimately intertwined, and when it comes to chocolate, this is especially true. From golden-wrapped sweets, a staple of celebrations and special treats to birthday cakes, memories come flooding back at the sight, smell and taste of chocolate.

Image Source: All Things

And such chocolate comes in the form of ‘All Things.’ The brand is named aptly so, as their aesthetically alluring creations (in beautiful packaging which gives a glimpse into the exciting concoction of flavours beneath) are inspired by the effervescent satisfaction of the simple joys of life – exploring a favourite haunt, a childhood bedtime story, flowers or even the best part of your day.

We caught up with All Things co-founders, Kuhu Kochar and Tejasvi Chandela who gave us a peek into the brand, no golden ticket required.

1) What is it about chocolate that is so special?

The fact that you can use it as a medium to reach out to so many different kinds of people. Almost everybody likes chocolate and it’s so versatile.

2) What does your tagline ‘stories in chocolate’ mean to you? Where do you look for inspiration? And what are you trying to convey through the stories?

Personal travels, childhood memories, a half-forgotten phrase from a leather-bound book, all come together to make whimsy alive – All Things is a celebration of art in the everyday with many ‘stories in chocolates’ to share.

3) Your sense of aesthetics and product descriptions are one of the things that set All Things apart from other chocolate-makers. What inspires the art (which we love!) on your chocolate?

Image Credit: All Things

The larger idea behind the brand is to make it something dynamic – the packaging changes with the flavour. For example, All Things Jaipur has the flavours of their city and the packaging is from a design that Kuhu made in school. It also comes with a mini map of Jaipur for tourists who are looking to do things like locals. All Things Barcelona is made with our favourite Sangria recipe from Spain and each bar comes with a different photograph from the city.

4) There’s a hint of the movie Chocolat in the way you create each of your chocolate bars. Were you and Tejasvi inspired at all by the movie? Or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory perhaps?

Image Credit: Tejasvi Chandela

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all the way, the madness of Mr. Wonka has been a constant inspiration.

5) What is next for you with your work? What can we look forward to from All Things?

This year is more about making All Things easily available, so increasing the number of stores we stock at. We’re working on a sugar free range of chocolates too, considering the number of diabetics in the country.

For more, browse their website and for more whimsy and all things chocolate, follow them on Facebook and Instagram too.

Interview by Carol Edwin

Featured image source: All Things


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