Want a new funky pair of socks every month? Subscribe to The Moja Club

Want a new funky pair of socks every month? Subscribe to The Moja Club

Picture this: At a meeting, you spot an extremely well turned-out man, a slick corporate type if you please, dressed in a crisp shirt, an immaculate pin stripe suit, a spiffy tie and polished shoes, when suddenly, from under the hem of his creased-to-perfection trousers, you catch a peek of socks in hot pink! Forget staid, plain, boring grey and browns, socks have been rebooted into a brand new avatar.

Joey Saha is the founder of The Moja Club, an online start-up offering to deliver new mojas (Hindi for socks) straight to your doorstep. You can choose from a three, six, or twelve month subscription plan to receive a fresh pair each month, and Saha guarantees that no two pairs will be alike. Sliced avocados, crawling spiders and sumptuous macaroons are just some of the goofy, edgy motifs that international illustrators have created for The Mojo Club. And considering the limited options available to men when it comes to accessories, you could say that these colourful socks are the male version of bling!

Source: The Moja Club

There’s more fun stuff in the offing for both sexes: a new collection by local designers focusing on India-centric motifs is in the pipeline. And the website also promises its customers a “new and improved sox life!”as their socks made from cotton and polyamide have an anti-slippage band for safety and a reinforced heel for durability.

Saha’s funky creations are a reflection of changing attitudes towards fashion and a willingness to experiment. Eye-popping colours, stripes and polka dots with a twist, or even mismatched socks are an easy way to pack some mojo in your style and a spring in your step.

Browse the collection on their online store and you can stay updated about new designs by following them on Facebook , Instagram  and Twitter.

Featured image source: Livemint

Words by Pavi Sagar


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