Transgender India: India’s first and only website for transgender rights is here

India’s first and only website for transgender rights

In a first for India, this past July, thirty-three year old gender activist Neysara Rai from Mangaluru launched ‘Transgender India’, the country’s first website for transgender rights. Not only does it offer round the clock support to India’s transgender community, but also provides a forum called ‘Transgender Talk’ for individuals to share their personal experiences and discuss issues related to trans life.

Rai, who is transgender herself, came out to her family when she was 23 years old, and began her transition, despite facing harassment during her college years. After getting to know more people in the trans community, she decided to create an online resource centre that would help them and others across the country.

Source: FSRN India

In a statement, Rai said that the website would help guide, educate and support the 30 lakh transgenders in India in their transition, be used as a tool to fight discrimination and increase acceptance within families for transgender people.

The website, a non-funded and non-NGO based independent unit, is run by six volunteers from around the country. They counsel and mentor transgender youth who call the 24×7 helpline, publish real-life experiences of people and their families on the site and bring positive role models of the community to the limelight.

And though this website is but a small initiative, there’s no doubt that it will bring a revolutionary change in the lives of many.

Learn more on the site and those interested in volunteering can contact +91 7338321413.

Featured image source: India Live

Words by Pavi Sagar


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