How to pick the perfect shoot location for your indie film

ShortReelz, a community of passionate filmmakers in India, tell us what you need to take into consideration when choosing the perfect location for your low-budget indie film.

A low budget film means that the expenditure for the film has to be pretty reasonable, as the name clearly implies. And while the equipment costs a lot, an appropriate budget for the location must be kept, as there is much more to it than just picking a spot. Here are important points to keep in mind while selecting the shoot locations for a low budget film:


It goes without saying that location is the soul of the film. It speaks a silent visual language and adds the base on which the story grows. A location needs to hint at the backdrop of the story and theme. Also, the time of the shoot has to be taken into consideration and the availability of the location.


An ideal location needs to fit into an allotted budget criterion. Always try to negotiate a deal on a percent less than your decided price, because expenses don’t end in selecting the location; they include the setup too. Low budget and digital films do sometimes get the benefit of collaborations and no expenditures. For instance, if you shoot at a cafeteria, you could offer them a location mention and barter a deal. A little use of wit goes a long way.


Try to find a location close by to suit everybody’s convenience. In case of locations further away, you’ll need to plan for transport in advance to avoid any delays and chaos. So do not forget to calculate a rough estimate of how much your location will add up along with the conveyance charges too.


Prudence is a virtue! It is good to be positive but better to be practical. Plan for two to three locations, pick the one that goes well with all your requirements. And always remember to check for availabilities and be as clear for timings as you can be.


Going to remote locations especially in rural areas means that there may be lack of facilities. Make sure that there are washroom facilities available at shoot locations or nearby. And it’s always better to inform the crew beforehand about the location topography and facilities so they are prepared.


Do your research thoroughly and verify all the information regarding permits and licenses for shoots at various locations. Sometimes, shoots at public locations in India is not an issue while at other times it is highly not permitted. Inquire and apply for permits in advance; to prepare for a hassle-free shoot, keep backup locations in mind.

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