The Origin Story, Science Fiction & Memes: In Conversation With Indie Rockers The Koniac Net


The Koniac Net is an indie/alternative band from Bombay formed by singer-songwriter David Abraham, Jason D’Souza on guitar and vocals, Aaron Dmello on guitar, Adil Kurwa on bass and Karun “K-Pilly”on drums.

Their music is influenced by a variety of genres which is evident in their not-always-easy-to-pin-down sound that reminds you of a million things you simply can’t put your finger on, if you know what we mean.

In this candid interview, they tells us about how they started out, and about the music and people who inspire them.

How did you get your start?

David: I started The Koniac Net as a solo artist. Up until 2012, I was making demos but only sharing them with my close friends and family.

After I decided to find out how my original compositions would hold up once released commercially and internationally, I met Jason D’Souza (our guitarist + recording engineer) who helped in recording and mixing the 10 songs I composed and played.

In 2012, we released ‘One Last Monsoon.’ The songs started to get a lot of airplay on independent stations in over 30 countries around the world. After it was suggested that Abraham get a band together and play in their countries, the solo project transformed into a 5 person band.

At the moment, you’re debuting new songs. How do you think your music has changed since ‘Abiogenesis’?

David: ‘One Last Monsoon’ and ‘Abiogenesis’ were made specifically to get our fans used to our style of music. Our upcoming 3rd release will have similarities to the previous two.

This will lead up to a double CD that I have been dreaming of releasing since 2005. However, I am waiting for the right time for this, and am extremely excited to see the different ways the other band members will influence the final result.

Are there any Indian artists and bands you’ve been listening to recently, and did they have an influence on your new material?

David: I have a personal liking to the Lightyears Explode, Peter Cat, and Ganesh Talkies because of the similarities in the music I listen to, and the originality they possess too. Plus, I definitely enjoy seeing these bands live.

Non-musical influences for the band, if there are any?

David: I get very inspired by a competing love for science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Karun: Artists, storytellers and spoken word poets

Adil: memes and people around me

What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?

David: I tend to create double meanings for a lot of my songs, so lyrically speaking, I want our fans to fabricate their own ideas of what any song is about, and therefore make it personal to their own personalities and lives.

Our main goal is to show people how beautiful indie music can be and how it has been influencing the world since 2003. We have had fans tell us that they have switched from pop/commercial to indie because of us, and that is the greatest compliment an indie band can ever receive.

Your sound has given you room to experiment and grow. What can listeners expect to hear from you next?

David: We love incorporating different sub-genres & genres of music. I am heavily influenced by Hip Hop and New Funk (Paris Disco), so I tend to subtly paint our songs in whatever I am listening to at the moment of composition.

Plus, we all love punk, psychedelic, shoegaze, heavy metal and other genres, which you will pick out in our music if you listen carefully. We don’t like to define ourselves by a genre because that’s not what we’re about.

Can you please pick 5 of your favourite Indian indie songs?

David: Kunj Gutka ~ The Lightyears Explode

Adil: Bliss ~ Rosemary

Karun: Forgetting How to Swim ~ Run It’s The Kid

Aaron: Summer In My Lungs ~The F16s

We can’t wait to listen to their new music, but to tide you over while you wait, listen to their songs on their site, or Youtube channel  and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Interview by Carol Edwin

Featured image source: Sarah Keyes for MyBhutan


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