MyDidi will make your home spotless & help domestic workers earn a better living

MyDidi will make your home spotless & help domestic workers earn a better living

How often have you weaseled out of throwing a party, because the mere thought of dealing with the mayhem of the morning-after was exhausting? Lack of reliable help, is a common complaint of folks juggling between work and home chores. Well, help is at hand. A mobile app called MyDidi, now allows customers to avail of housemaid services from 7 AM to 7 PM with the click of a button.

Jhonny Jha, an alumnus of IIT-Mumbai and the force behind this on-demand service, started the venture after a short stint with consulting giant McKinsey. It’s clear that besides plugging into the demand for household help, Jha also aspires to accord dignity to the profession, which is why his recruits are known as ‘Didi’ or sister.

Upon booking, a didi will arrive within the hour, fully equipped to thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your house for Rs. 149/- an hour. While this is great news for consumers, here’s how the model supports its cleaning staff: they receive a guaranteed minimum salary of Rs. 8,000/- per month plus performance bonuses, a car or auto ride to take them to and back from an assignment, insurance benefits, paid holidays and legal/financial counselling. And the effort behind the endeavor is paying off; forty-year-old Pushpa Shingare, a didi, now knows how to operate a bank account, earns more than she did before and has embraced technology to improve her life.

Source: Hindustan Times

The biggest obstacle Jha faced was convincing the didis to undergo training. To help them overcome their inhibitions, Jha began an initiative called Spotless directed at upping the women’s skills and confidence.

MyDidi has already clocked 1200 orders since its inception, is growing at almost 40-50% a month and may well earn a gross revenue of Rs.1.5 – 2 cores this year. The app vouches to provide a professional and punctual service without taking its customers to the cleaners… how about that!

To make a booking or for more information click here, and you can keep track of updates by following MyDidi on Facebook and Twitter.


Featured image source: MyDidi

Written by Ritu Mathur


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