Indian graphic designer Khyati Trehan combines typography and the alphabet through beautiful design

The popular 36 Days of Type, an annual open call for designers and visual artists worldwide to recreate the entire alphabet from a new perspective via Instagram, saw many creative entries this year, but Khyati Trehan’s stands out for many reasons.

This Delhi-based graphic designer used everyday objects such as safety pins, ginger root, circuit boards and a vintage telephone to create her type, infusing her creations with an innovative aesthetic approach that reflects her personality. The result is an elegant-yet-whimsical and clean-yet-intuitive feel that is expressed in all her projects, distinguishing her from others.

Source: The Creators Project

A student of Graphic Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, Trehan interned at the Think Tank Team of Samsung Research and also interned with Rajesh Dahiya of Codesign and Satya Rajpurohit of The Indian Type Foundry.

It was during the latter that Trehan created a series of lettering illustrations that pays tribute to the history of science. It features famous scientists and their inventions through the letters of the alphabet, each corresponding to the person who was credited for making the discovery, such fashioning the phonograph into an E, for Thomas Edison. To quote Trehan, “it’s where the intellectual and the creative meet.”

Another project of hers for Taxi Fabric, called ‘Flight of the Titan’, in which she padded the inside of a taxi with her memories of travelling on Mumbai’s double-decker buses has also earned her new fans.

With pen, pencil and paper ever ready to sketch a new idea, Trehan says she doesn’t have a fixed style yet, and is still exploring all possible mediums of visual communication, so hers is definitely one Instagram account you’re going to want to keep your eye on.

Click here to see more of Khyati Trehan’s typography and graphic design work, and stay updated by following her on Instagram.

Featured image source: Typeroom

Written by Anisha Kashwani


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