For Lovers & Lonely Hearts: A Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Valentine’s Day is here again, and in spirit of this day we’ve put together a simple, easy-listening playlist of Indian indie songs for the lonely and lovestruck alike to fall in love with (cassettes aren’t as functional today, so we’ve chosen Youtube and Soundcloud instead).

Scroll down for a mixture of the prettiest folk and pop melodies about love, longing, heartbreak and happiness your ears will ever be treated to, or click here to listen to the playlist on Soundcloud instead.

1) Prateek Kuhad ~ Oh Love

We’re not sure you’ll hear a more fun song this week. True, ‘Oh love, be mine’ is a plea to a crush, but it’s a hopeful, catchy, and oh-so-light on the ears one at that. What else can we say? Just play it loud, and play it over and over again. Listen to more songs by Kuhad here and follow him on Facebook for news on new releases and gigs.

2) Shantanu Pandit ~ Wickets for Walls

A melody that’s all gentle guitar and wistful lyrics that distill a relationship falling apart, this bittersweet combination is our favourite song from Pandit’s album ‘Skunk in the Cellar.’ For more, find him on Facebook .

3) Begum ~ Marry Me

Just like the ride on the giant Ferris wheel in the video, hopeful lyrics weave and move to the beat’s carousel rhythm in ‘Marry Me’, lifting and swaying throughout; it’s evocative of Peter Cat Recording Co. (PCRC) which is unsurprising given that drummer Karan Singh and guitarist Kartik Pillai are in both. To listen to more PCRC scroll down, and to listen to more from Begum’s album ‘Bagh’, click here.

4) Run It’s The Kid ~ Love, We’re Made From Porcelain

Heartbreak never sounded so pretty.”Love, love what have you/Done to me?/You locked me in and then/Swallowed the key” croons vocalist/guitarist Shantanu Pandit  but with such a warmth in his voice and accompanying gentle melody, it’s hard not to be charmed by the song. Listen to/buy Run It’s The Kid’s album here and follow them on Facebook for updates on their music and gigs.

5) Parekh & Singh ~ I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll

Time to lighten it up with this catchy indie-pop song and equally whimsical track video that catapulted Parekh & Singh to fame. To find more about Parekh & Singh, click here for their site and here for their Facebook page.

6) Nicholson ~ For What II

Haunting harmonies and lilting vocals perfectly articulate the raw emotions of people being torn apart at the end of a relationship. Listen to more by Nicholson here and follow him on Facebook here.

7) Peter Cat Recording Co. ~ Copulations

It’s the sound of a summertime reverie and blissed out waves, and builds an entire world in just five minutes. Nostalgic yet novel, you’ll find yourself tapping your foot and hitting repeat to this song by Peter Cat Recording Co. Listen to the rest of their album ‘Climax’ here.

8) Madràs ~ Tracing Paper

This sentimental, sonically fragile and ethereal haze of a song is just one of the tracks you’ll find on brothers Jeevan and Mathew Antony’s  debut album ‘Things Can Change’.  Listen to the rest by clicking here and keep in touch with what they’re up to by following them on Facebook.

9) Tom Day & Monsoonsiren ~ Love Is Rare

Bangalore-based music producer Nathan Menon aka monsoonsiren collaborated with Australian producer Tom Day to create this beautiful, pure emotional sonical atmosphere. Nothing about this could possibly be better. Listen to more from their album here.


Beyond the flowers and chocolate, we hope you have a great day, whether it be with your love, your family, friends or pets.

Compiled by Pavi Sagar


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