Conservation through the lens: an interview with wildlife photographer Shubhansh Shukla

Shubhansh Shukla’s wildlife photography is a reminder why we need to focus on conserving and protecting the beauty of the fauna of our planet.

Shubhansh is a member of Earth Art India Pictures, a group of individuals who passionately work towards environmental awareness and conservation behind the lens. On occasion of Earth Week, we caught up with the photographer who talks to us about the urgent need for wildlife conservation.

1) With forest areas getting converted to land for living spaces, what do you think would be the best solution for conserving and protecting wildlife?

There is a huge need to educate people about the value of nature and wildlife, and we can do this easily through electronic and paper tools, as well as social media.

For instance, we hardly get to know about wildlife crimes, forest land mafias and how forest department deals with these criminals. If these incidents were reported upon more frequently, and shared more widely, people would develop an interest, and then definitely work for it.

How important is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is everything! Our whole ecosystem depends upon it. Even if a single minor species becomes extinct, it disturbs the food web and food chain.

Unfortunately, we don’t think too much about it as we are too busy with our lives, relationships, jobs and social media.

How do you think a common person can raise awareness?

Every individual is a superhero I guess! And indeed, in today’s world, every individual can make a difference, simply by using their talents to raise and spread awareness.

For example, if someone likes acting, perform plays about the threats to conservation; if someone likes teaching or tutoring, they could volunteer at public interaction sessions; techies could develop apps about wildlife to help forest department officials in their job.

There are numerous ways to support conservation. All you need is a strong will and desire to see the positive change.

What impact do you aim to have with your work?

Today is #GlobalTigerDay and I am happy to share this image of Tigress with you beautiful people. This astonishing creature requires your concern over its conservation and protection against poaching and other illegal activities. Before being a photographer, I am an #animallover and I think photography is one of the strongest media to raise awareness in people but that's just not enough until and unless we all come together for this beautiful creature on this planet. Just like me, you should also join Earth Art India Pictures on facebook and be a part of the family working towards Humanity and wildlife conservation. Here's a link The shot was taken in one of the National Parks of Central India. #Wild #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wilderness #junglesafari #tiger #internationaltigersday #bigcats #naturepics #closetonature #naturephotography #Bandhavgarh #Bandhavgarhnationalpark #CentralIndia #India #Indiapictures #savethetiger #conservationphotography #IncredibleIndia #travelpics #traveldiaries #travelIndia #travelphotography #eaipics #ShubhanshShukla #Nikon #photooftheday #instawithHT

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My father dedicated 36 years to wildlife and forest conservation, so I grew up seeing him fighting for the rights of animals and forests – and he is still doing it.

I am trying to continue what my father has been doing but my approach is a little different. I want to engage the minds of all ages about the value of these beautiful lands and animals. For this purpose, I use photography, articles, techs and social media to reach more and more people.

Who would you like to collaborate with to promote wildlife conservation?

I am open to collaborating with any organisation and individual who has a strong will to conserve and protect beautiful wildlife. This is how we can foster a community that has the same goal: wildlife conservation.

Celebrating wildlife in their natural habitat may be Shubhansh’s wheelhouse but minutely destroying Mother Earth every day shouldn’t be ours. So, if you’d like to work with Shubhansh and check out more of his work, click here.

Written by Yukta Reddy

Image credit: Shubhansh Shukla






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