An online Facebook library aims to bring a smile to book lovers in Mumbai

Online facebook Library book lovers

If you’re a book lover in Mumbai with no time to hit the bookstores in your city, Kitabi Khazana is tailor-made for you.

This online library that’s hosted on a Facebook page (no pun intended) lets you borrow and share your favourite book right from the convenience of your home.

Image Source: Kitabi Khazana on Facebook

Its active community ensures that there’s an extensive collection of books categorized across genres available. Lenders take pictures of the books they’re willing to loan and upload it to the page, and borrowers indicate their interest in the comments below. And Kitabi Khazana helps to arranges for the book to reach the borrower  if the lender is too busy to do so.

After 15 days of reading time, the book must be returned to the lender. And then, of course it’s time for the next book and the next.

At a time when it feels like the internet takes up a bit too much of your time, it’s refreshing to see it used to encourage people to turn off their laptop and reach for a book instead.

Visit Kitabi Khazana’s Facebook page here.

Written by Shikha Pandey

Featured image source: Bustle


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