8 Scary & Not-So-Scary Indian Films + Shows To Watch This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner,  we’ve rounded up a list of Indian movies and TV shows to get you in the mood. Whether you want to watch a seriously scary thriller, something with a little less horror and a little more humour, or something with the kids, we’ve got a great recommendation for you:


Ghoul is India’s answer to Western miniseries such as American Horror Story or The Alienist. Set in a dystopian future, the plot revolves around a military officer in a detention centre, and an infamous terrorist who is brought in for interrogation, and unknown to the soldiers, is possessed by a ghoul. Once they start interrogating him, things begin to go haywire instantly. There are monsters, both human and not of this world, plenty of gore, and a plot that is as as unique as any Indian horror show could get.


Fear Files is an Indian horror anthology television series which focuses on stories – mysterious deaths and supernatural occurrences – that are inspired by real-life incidents or based on myths and legends, as well as investigations into paranormal activities that have occurred in and around Indian cities and villages. From an episode in which a man is kidnapped by a witch on the day of his wedding to one in a which a woman’s sister-in-law uses black magic to torture her, you’ll be baffled, intrigued, and entertained in turns.


Kids will enjoy being spooked by Makdee (“spider’s web”) in which twin sisters run afoul of a wicked witch who turns one of them into a hen. In exchange for her sister back in human form, Chunni must present Makdee with 100 hens. How she manages this task is the highlight of this fun-filled comedic horror movie.


This Ram Gopal Varma supernatural thriller is considered a cult classic. A family moves into a haunted house and after their pet cat is killed by accident, a series of horrible paranormal activities soon follows. Although the premise is an unusual one, the thrills are aplenty, and the eerie, tension-filled atmosphere ensures that you’re spooked throughout.  Cat lovers, a warning – you’ll never quite see cats the same way again after you’ve watched this movie!


An anthology of stories that paved the way for many other horror shows and movies in India. Indeed, many 90s kids will vividly remember watching episodes from the show as kids (and the nightmares that followed afterwards). The lineup features a mixture of crime thriller-whodunit’s and supernatural episodes on ghosts, phantoms, zombies, undead persons, possessed objects and witches and wizards, and remains an entertaining blend of horror and the ridiculous.


And speaking of horror and the ridiculous, Bollywood’s first ever zom-com (zombie comedy) is bound to take you by surprise. Following in the vein of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Zombieland’, the plot features a hapless group of friends who need to escape an island in Goa that has become overrun by zombies. They are aided by a blonde zombie slayer named Boris ( a hilarious Saif Ali Khan) who claims to be Russian but is actually from Delhi. There are plenty of moments where you’re at your wits end and also moments where you’re at the edge of your seat.


Ever wondered how it would be to have an angry spirit call you by your name, and kidnap you, leaving just your clothes behind? No? Thought so. That’s what makes this movie funny and scary at the same time. This horror comedy (we’re on a streak here) about a female ghost who stalks men if they stay out too late, is still running in cinemas near you. Without revealing too much more of the plot, we’ll let you take a call if this one scares you or makes you laugh more.


Comedian Varun Thakur’s web series is a hilarious spoof on those early low-budget 90s horror movies (indeed, some of which we’ve mentioned in this list). The plot revolves around a B-Grade filmmaker Hariman and his eccentric crew who show up to shoot ‘Shaitaan Haveli’ at an abandoned mansion, and soon come to realise that they’re not only shooting a horror flick but are also in it. It’s self-aware, self-indulgent and hilarious.

Did we miss out on your favourite horror flick? Then leave us a note in the comments with your reason, and we’ll add it to our list!

Written by Aishwarya Menon

Featured image source: Sure Universal


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