5 Art Galleries Of Bangalore That You Should Explore

Great art is everywhere, you just need to know where to look. And this is especially true in Bangalore, which is home to established artists and new talent. So, where can you see their work? Here’s our list of the top 5 galleries in Bangalore.

1) Gallery Time and Space

Image courtesy: Gallery Time And Space

Address: 55 Lavelle Road. Tel: 080 2212 4117 / 3296 9412

Time and Space started as an experimental venture that sought to understand and appreciate the esoteric and dynamic ethos of contemporary art and to encourage people to participate in its magical world. Through successive solo and group shows the gallery has grown to be a significant gallery of Bangalore. The arts are relevant to the times as a means of interpreting the inner and outer worlds.

The space has been used for art events like art appreciation courses, artist’s dialogues, group discussions, book launches, as well as music concerts, film screening, poetry readings, and experimental theatre; these events have established a rapport between the gallery and the people of Bangalore.

2) Renaissance Gallerie

Image Courtesy: Riya Rathore

Address: # 104, Westminster, 13 Cunningham Road. Tel: 080 – 22202232

Renaissance Gallerie, an Indian Art Gallery, where one can easily find Indian Art, Online Art, Indian Fine Art, Realistic Art of India and Indian Paintings Online, opened its doors in 1993 to usher in a new order of art and culture. Promoted by Shreen Malani, Renaissance Gallery, has built its foundations on the promotion of artists and the inculcation of art-appreciation among its populous.

Renaissance Gallery, exhibits paintings and sculptures of artists both famous and promotional. It takes pride in introducing Famous Paintings India, Modern Paintings India and at least two new artists every year and catering to India’s best during the remainder of the time.  

Music recitals, dance performances, theatrics, and special guest appearances allow for Renaissance Art Gallerie to make the non-art-enthusiasts more comfortable with attending exhibition openings and paints a brighter opportunity for art-appreciation to spread and maybe even produce some connoisseurs. Renaissance Gallery, now a landmark of Indian Art, continues to embody the artistic glamour of a Brave New World. 

3) Mahua Art Gallery

Image Courtesy: Justdial

Address: 344/8, 4th Main Road, Sadashivnagar. Tel: 080-2361 6971

Mahua Gallery offers art lovers an opportunity to view and purchase contemporary Indian art from across India. The gallery’s wide selection of Indian paintings, prints, sculptures and folk art provide a glimpse into the inspirations of leading and upcoming Indian artists.

Mahua gallery is exclusively associated with the HK Kejriwal Foundation. The gallery’s wide selection of Indian paintings, prints, sculptures and folk art provide a glimpse into the inspirations of leading and upcoming Indian artists.

Mahua Art Foundation was founded in 2000 with the vision of bringing about an awareness of our ancient heritage and culture in contemporary times. Mahua offers a range of art services tailored for corporates and individuals. They include art consultancy, art rentals, art restoration, art commissioning, art second sales, etc.

Mahua also offers appreciation courses and art workshops in painting, ceramics, pottery, etc. The courses are designed for adults and children. Participants get a chance to explore different techniques through theory and practical sessions. 

4) Crimson – The Art Resource

Image Courtesy: Justdial

Address: The Hatworks Boulevard, 32 Cunningham Road. Tel: 080-65379223

Crimson – The Art Resource offers a wide and comprehensive range of Modern and Contemporary art. It stocks abstract, figurative, landscapes, still-life and portraits. Crimson showcases the works of Indian artists from across the country. Their collection of pictures includes original oil paintings, watercolour paintings, drawings, mixed media works, sculptures, graphics, photographs and prints.

Crimson regularly holds exhibitions in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore, that reflect the different styles and genres of Indian art and presents the current mood of the art community. Crimson opened its first art gallery at Safina Plaza, Bangalore in 1989 from where it played a major role in supporting the growth of the city’s contemporary art scene, by promoting both established artists, as well as emerging ones whose art was always of high quality and yet affordable, thus paving the way to the concept of Art as an investment.

In 2004, Crimson opened its second gallery at The Hatworks Boulevard, a beautifully restored heritage villa in the heart of Bangalore, where it now hosts most of its exhibitions and preview events. These events are popular and are well attended by artists, curators, critics, collectors and Bangalore’s art aficionados. 

5) Kynkyny Art Gallery

Image Courtesy: Discern Living

Address: 104 Embassy Square, 48 Infantry Road. Tel: 080 40926202, 40926206

Kynkyny is an art gallery that promotes emerging and established artists across different styles and media. Kynkyny works towards the integration of art and the community’s cultural landscape by promoting art and making it accessible to all. Since its inception in 2004, the gallery’s palette of clients has grown rapidly to include collectors, investors and corporates alike.

Friendly and unpretentious, Kynkyny especially aims to demystify art for first time buyers, providing them the information and guidance they need to explore the fascinating world of art.  Kynkyny showcases contemporary fine art – art that represents today, whether it is painting or sculpture; figurative or abstract; mixed media; oil on canvas or sketching. Kynkyny believes in celebrating the artist, and enriching people’s lives by opening doors to good art.

There’s a canvas of talent to discover regardless of which gallery you visit, so why not visit all? And if we’ve left your favourite gallery off the list, let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: Colors Art Gallery

Written by: Disha Mukherjee


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