The top 5 Instagram Accounts EVERY parent should be following

It’s no secret that parenting is one of the most difficult and appreciated jobs in the world. Looking after tiny, messy yet adorable babies and children is a full-time occupation, involving sleepless nights, meal plans, and creative activities.

It goes without saying that it can get pretty stressful, so it’s always great to have a few go-to resources for inspiration. So, we scoured Instagram for some of the best parent-centric Instagram accounts that’ll make you laugh and learn.

Here’s our top 5 in no particular order:

1) @bam_books


Don’t know what to read to your kids at bedtime? Want to expose your children to world literature? Head over to @bam_books for inspiration.

Curated by writer and children’s book reviewer Bijal Vachharajani and children’s book enthusiast Maegan Dobson Sippy, the account shares recommendations for children and Young Adult books, focusing on works from South Asia. Follow for a variety of books such as one that gives kids insight about Mahasweta Devi, the respected activist for women, Dalits and other marginalised groups, and one that discusses the issue of complexion in India through a story about crows.

2) @artsycraftsmom


Finding tasks to keep little kids occupied is a Herculean task for some parents, and that is where @artsycraftsmom comes in.

Shruti Bhat shares arts and crafts activities that mothers can make along with their kids, as well as fun developmental activities. This includes a printable Star Wars themed memory card game, instructions to make Pokemon pokeball fridge magnets, and a recipe to make a healthy amla, pomegranate and ginger juice, amongst many others that all feature creativity and fun bonding time.

3) @kiddiegram


Run by two mums from Bombay, this account is a self-described ‘Mom Guide’, and going by their posts, it’s not far from the truth.

Swing by their page for essential product reviews, parenting tips, and immensely hilarious and touching quotes about parenting. A quick scroll through their timeline will reveal a funny ‘A Toddlers To-Do List’, an idea to transform a small suitcase trunk into a dollhouse, and some very creative food art made from a small piece of bread, a slice of cheese and some berries.

4) @haajrafareen


Haajra Fareen is an Indian blogger, editor-in-chief at The Mommy Blog, and a mother of two. She posts reviews of products that are useful for new mothers, tips about childcare as well as funny quotes and insights that other mothers are sure to relate with.

A quick glance through her feed and you will spot a review of quirky baby cloth diapers, photos of her children, and pithy insights such as a picture of her cradling her baby with the accompanying caption “Becoming a mom, makes you realise you can do almost anything one-handed!”

5) @kidstoppress


This account, curated by Mansi Zaveri, is an accompaniment to her parenting blogs, and has its pulse on everything today’s parents want to know. Follow along for including the latest products and apps, child-friendly destinations and even answers to some rather embarrassing parenting questions.

Zaveri keeps her feed fresh and interesting with a variety of posts; for instance, she’s posted about creative ways to teach geography to your pre-schooler, a suggested family meal plan, and weekend activities for parents in different Indian cities.

And there you have it! Our list of the top 5 Instagram accounts to follow! Which other accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image source: Kiddiegram

Written with contributions from Nikhil Srinivas


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