A new age musical revolution begins: Interview with Rainbow Voices

William Shakespeare once said “When words fail, music speaks”, and it’s absolutely true. Music can be an excellent means of communication amidst a world full of noise. Sometimes reaching out to others with your opinion might seem tough. But with some melody, the same message can do wonders. And that’s what the group, Rainbow Voices, is all about.

As India’s first LGBTQ choir, Rainbow Voices sings to offer support for the LGBTQ community in India and raise awareness around LGBTQ rights. We had the opportunity to have a chat with Ashish Pandya who is part of the choir. In this interview, he tells us a little more about the group.

1) What inspired the formation of such a unique choir?

The choir was formed in the summer of 2014 by Vinodh Philip and Sibi Mathen. Their aim was to give LGBT singers a creative space in a society where they’re considered a minuscule minority, showcase talent within the LGBTQ community, and for the group to be the voice of the oppressed.

2) Can anyone join?

The choir mainly comprises of LGBTQ individuals but is open for everyone who believes in equality and is an ally in our fight for our rights.

3) What does the choir sing about?

The choir sings about hope, love, equality, and the struggle that LGBTQ individuals go through in a country like ours where it is a criminal offence under Sec 377.

4)Do you sing originals or covers?

We sing covers of everything from Bollywood songs to western classics as of now but originals are on the cards. 

5) Does the group have a favourite song?

The only song that comes to our mind is ‘We shall overcome – Hum honge Kamyaab’. This song fills us with hope and enthusiasm to fight for our right to love.

6) What kind of speed bumps have you faced so far?

Speed bumps? Can’t really say, but yes, more support from the corporate world, raising funds, and making people come out in huge numbers is a challenge.

7) What’s next for you? Albums perhaps?

After an international collaboration with The Pink Singers, Europe’s’ longest running LGBT choir, we have been constantly in the eye of the international community. This has helped us network with community choirs and individual musicians and this year, we are looking forward to some collaborations. 

To watch more of the Rainbow Voices performances, and for details on upcoming performance, head on over to their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Featured image source: Mens XP

Written by Disha Mukherjee


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