Marching to a different beat: the story of Pune’s drum circles

What exercise is to the body, music is to the mind and the soul. It can act as a miracle when applied with intention – elevating moods, increasing socialization and reducing agitation.

Having discovered the role that music plays in healing and individualism, many Indians are taking to music therapy in general, and drum therapy specifically. One individual who is helping people uncover their innate connection with music and nature via drumming is Varun Venkit, the founder of Taal Inc.

Taal Inc. is an organisation in Pune that conducts community and corporate drum circles, using rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. During these sessions – open to anyone regardless of gender, age and experience – people can express themselves individually through their instrument and simultaneously create music as part of a wider community.

“Our lifestyle today revolves around certain aspects that make our natural connection to the arts and nature weaker and weaker. This means that art is separate from the self. This in turn, means that we are not singing, drumming, dancing, and painting, as much as we should to facilitate a healthy self-expression, active participation, and group activity. This is indirectly the cause for multiple stress-related issues. Through rhythm, music and the participative arts, Taal Inc. is giving a platform to people and breaking the audience and performer barrier,” says Varun, who began playing the drums when he was 14 and has never looked back since.

The organisation’s journey so far has been marked by many milestones, having represented India in the Largest Drum Circle in the World campaign, a global event for peace in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Varun and his team even conducted a Drum Circle in 2010 in which Michelle Obama participated!

With an ambitious vision to put a drum in every home, Taal Inc. is on a journey to enhance the lives of people one drumbeat at a time.

You can find more information on workshops and events on their siteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and watch their videos on Youtube.

Featured image source: Taal Inc

Written by Advaitaa Ravi


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