A taste for murder: The Noir Literature Festival Returns

A taste for murder: The Noir Literature Festival Returns

In recent times, India has developed an increasing appetite for crime fiction. With bestsellers such as Mukul Deva’s ‘The Dust Will Never Settle’, Puja Changoiwala’s ‘Front Page Murders’, Anita Nair’s ‘Cut Like a Wound’ and Zac O’Yeah’s ‘Hari Majestic’, the genre, although under- explored, is certainly picking up pace in the country.

So giving the genre due credit, the third edition of the Noir Literature Festival (previously known as the Crime Writers Festival), is all set to roll out on the 27th of January, 2017 in Delhi.

Held over three days, the programme is packed with spy sagas, serial killings and whodunits. Speakers include esteemed authors such as Ashwin Sanghi, Laura Elizabeth Woollett, Hans Olav Lahlum and Karuna Nundy, to name a few.

The Noir Literature Festival Returns
Source: Crime Writers Festival

The festival seeks to inspire more writing in the genre of crime because as much as it is pervasive in modern life, it is only acknowledged in the literature of the land. Crime fiction, more than mainstream fiction, is confronting the realities of life in India today and we should all appreciate the genre for shedding light on otherwise unspoken issues.

You’ll find more information on their site as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Written by Advaitaa Ravi

Featured image source: Crime Writers Festival


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