5 Indian Netflix Dramas You Must Add To Your Watch list

Netflix fans are often spoiled for choice. From Stranger Things to  Narcos to the Defenders, there are plenty of creative, thoughtful shows available for viewers, and this includes original Indian shows and films as well.

Which ones are we talking about? Here are 5 recommendations, each with powerful and relatable storylines, great casting, and moments of real resonance.

1) Brahman Naman 

Conceptualised by Kolkata-based director Qaushiq Mukherjee, this light-hearted comedy set in the 80s follows the eponymous Naman and his friends on their quest to win a college quiz competition and lose their virginity as well. Needless to say, each episode is filled with hilarity, but it’s equally poignant for its indictment of the caste system and class divide as well.

2) Thithi

A blend of reality and fiction is what makes Thithi (a Kannada language drama) a must watch. Director Raam Reddy showcases the story of 3 generations of sons reacting to their father’s death. The title of the drama refers to the final funeral ceremony which takes place 11 days after the death.

3) Ankhon Dekhi

Rajat Kapoor’s drama ‘Ankhon Dekhi’ revolves around the age-old adage that ‘seeing is believing‘. The story revolves around a father, Raje Bauji, whose daughter has decided to marry a man of ill repute, a man that he does not approve of. However, a confrontation with the man leaves Bauji uncertain of his initial decision, and prompts him on a quest for the absolute truth.

4) Chauthi Koot

Set in the backdrop of 1984’s Indian paramilitary army fighting Khalistani separatists, this Punjabi drama depicts the ripple effect of this turmoil on the people of the region. Director Gurvinder Singh’s carefully brings out how the conflict challenges human nature, by placing individuals in situations that force them to choose between humanity and self-preservation. It can make for difficult viewing, but it’s definitely worth it.

5) Radiopetti

A 70-year old man’s never-ending love affair with his vintage radio set is what this Tamil language series is about. Debut filmmaker Hari Viswanath has beautifully showcased how this man’s every day life revolves around his radio. Whether he’s leaving for work or reading a newspaper, he’s glued to the tunes playing on his radio set. It’s bound to have you reminiscing about the music you listened to in your childhood.

So, go on, add a little diversity to your watch list. And let us know if we’ve missed your favourite Indian shows in the comments below, so that we can add them to our list!

Featured image credits: Moifightclub, Zoom Pondy, Hindustan Times, Silverscreen, Mad About Moviez

Written by Disha Mukherjee



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