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Texool: turns rags into riches and makes wealth out of waste...

Have you ever seen a bag that stylishly claims ‘I am not a virgin’ to indicate that it is made of recycled material? Introducing...

Godrej helps the Mumbai dabbawalas deliver food to the needy

Birthday parties, weddings and most social gatherings are incomplete without food, but while most people have no qualms in ordering or making large quantities...

‘Taxi Fabric’ transforms Mumbai cabs from drab to fab

Throwback to the 1970s: Hindi movies capturing the romanticism of Bombay (as it was known then), sheets of rain pelting down, drenching a young couple as they attempt to tame a misbehaving umbrella on an empty, wet stretch of road. Just then, ..

Hamara Station, Hamari Shaan: Mumbai’s Train Stations are getting a makeover

If you believed that you were the only one who thought that the railway stations in Mumbai - dull, dirty and paan-stained - could do with a massive makeover, well, you weren’t. Thirty-six stations across both Western..