The Bengaluru Poetry Festival second edition chases new horizons!

Poetry afficionados are descending on Bangalore for the second edition of the city's poetry festival,with performances discussions and workshops led by award-winning artists and burgeoning local writers in store.

Last year, the festival was attended by over 4,000 poetry lovers, and had a line-up of 60 poets, from India and around the world. The second edition promises to be even bigger and better.

The line-up this year includes Gulzar, Amjad Ali Khan, author Amit Chaudhuri, playwright Girish Karnad, North-Eastern poet Shalim Hussain, emerging poets such as Ranjani Murali and Mani Rao, as well as poetry publishers and editors

This is why Mumbai taxi roofs deserve your full attention

If you’ve ever been to Mumbai, it’s likely that you’ve taken a ride in the city’s famous kaali-peelis that swarm its streets. Less likely is the probability that you tore your gaze away from the traffic or buildings, and glanced upwards at the taxi roof instead, which is a shame. Some have vibrant, colourful roofs, in bright colours and patterns, some are padded with lurid velvet, and some even have mini-chandeliers. It's art in the most unexpected place.

Rachel Lopez, resident of the city and journalist and editor with The Hindustan

Maacher Jhol Review: Fish, Potatoes, Mustard Oil + a spicy secret!

Abhishek Verma’s highly acclaimed animated film ‘Maacher Jhol’ (a traditional Bengali spicy fish stew) brings to mind a joke by Bangalore based comedian, Sanjay Manaktala, about how Indian guys flirt on Facebook:

Guy: Hi 🙂 🙂 🙂 Girl: Hey... Guy: Had ur lunch?

It is a hilarious reference to the commonly accepted fact that “nothing ever happens in India without food!” as Verma himself states. And indeed, in ‘Maacher Jhol’, a hand-drawn 2D animated short film which narrates the story of a gay Indian man’s desire to come out

Shashi Tharoor, Padma Lakshmi to speak at Bhutan’s inspiring literary festival

The happiest nation in the world – beautiful Bhutan – is all set to host the 8th edition of the annual Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, from the 25th to 27th of August. The festival celebrates ideas, creativity and culture, and curates a program that is enriching and inspiring.

The festival is an initiative by the India-Bhutan Foundation in collaboration with literary agency Siyahi, and brings together writers, photographers, musicians, poets, pop icons, environmentalists, artists and filmmakers to engage in cultural dialogue, share stories and enjoy a rejuvenating three-day get-away in the

A photoseries that captures the politics of PDA in India

Wrapped in each other’s arms, a woman ruffling her boyfriend’s air, a man drawing his partner closer with a hug – the candid shots of young couples being affectionate with one another in public in Gayatri Ganju’s photo series ‘Strictly Do Not Kiss Here’ is indeed a poignant commentary on the policing of intimacy in India.

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This web series breaks stereotypes about travelling with a disability

If you’re a travel enthusiast, ‘Turning Wheels’ is an upcoming travel web series that should be on your list. Expected to release in 2018, the series focuses on the journeys of differently-abled travellers, creating awareness about disabilities, breaking stereotypes, and celebrating life and travel beyond barriers.

‘Turning Wheels’ is the brainchild of film producer Ruchi Bhimani and director Faraz Ansari.

Ruchi, who has previously worked in many well-known films such as ‘Kai Po Che’, ‘Ship of Theseus’ and ‘An Insignificant Man’, had a life changing experience when she had a chance encounter

New documentary will make you fall in love with Urdu

If beauty lies in the ear of the beholder, then Urdu is probably one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Given that its script as pleasant to see as it sounds, with a lyrical quality that makes even the blandest sentence sound rich, it’s no surprise that it has been the medium of choice for poets and princes over the ages, and is deeply intertwined with India’s rich cultural heritage.

Conceived from the fascination and love for the Urdu language, The Urdu Project, created by Aastha Gupta, came about

The Man Who Is Obsessed With Collecting Bones

Sbcltr's Alice Sharma an 82-year-old Army Veteran, who possesses the largest collection of fossils in India.

At some point in our lives, we have all thought about the idea of collecting our favourite thing but 82-year-old Mohan Sigh Sodha, has taken his passion to another level.

With over 10,000 specimens, his collection makes up The Kutch Fossil Park. Sodha says, his fossil park is an attempt by him to showcase his 41-year-old collection to youngsters, so that they have a better opportunity to understand the process of evolution. It is interesting to note

Here’s How This Project Is Saving Colonial Bungalows In South East Asia

If you read a lot of Ruskin Bond, you will know that sprawling bungalows with enviable gardens play a secondary character by themselves in most of his stories. These rich relics are one of the many favourable things the British left behind along with the railroads, the game of cricket and their language.

Like fading beauties, most colonial bungalows these days are fading into inevitable destruction since the original owners have flown the coop. However one man's concern and intense admiration for these bungalows has made sure that these architectural marvels

The dreams of two ballet dancers from Mumbai is now a virtual reality film

‘Yeh Ballet’ will keep your head spinning in amazement, literally. And we really do mean literally, as this is a virtual reality documentary, in which you’ll find yourself having to rotate your head to keep up with the powerful dance routines being performed all around you!

Ballet in Bombay

Directed by Sooni Taraporevala, ‘Yeh Ballet’ follows two boys, Amiruddin Shah and Manish Chauhan, ballet dancers from working class families in Mumbai, as they overcome obstacles on their journey to the prestigious Joffrey Ballet in NYC.

The film is barely 15 minutes in length,