The Bengaluru Poetry Festival second edition chases new horizons!

Poetry afficionados are descending on Bangalore for the second edition of the city's poetry festival,with performances discussions and workshops led by award-winning artists and burgeoning local writers in store.

Last year, the festival was attended by over 4,000 poetry lovers, and had a line-up of 60 poets, from India and around the world. The second edition promises to be even bigger and better.

The line-up this year includes Gulzar, Amjad Ali Khan, author Amit Chaudhuri, playwright Girish Karnad, North-Eastern poet Shalim Hussain, emerging poets such as Ranjani Murali and Mani Rao, as well as poetry publishers and editors

No Despacito needed, these 5 new desi bands are better

We know. There’s only so many times you can listen to ‘Despacito’ or ‘Pop The Bottle’, right? To help you break free from musical monotony, we’ve rounded up some of the most promising up-and-coming musicians in the country. They’re dynamic in form, experimental in sound, and are definitely worth keeping tabs on in the coming year:

1)  Kyojin

This acoustic and punk rock band is from Bangalore is comprised of 4 teenagers: Pradyun Deep Singh, Rahul Menon, Arvind Krishnan and Aayush Varghese. Why name their band ‘Kyojin’? “Kyojin in Japanese translates to something along

“Music fuels my art”: In conversation with Pranati Khanna

Anyone who has lived in Hyderabad for a couple of years is likely to have come across Pranati Khanna. She is both musician and artist and the two feed off one another. From performing solo as well as with her band, The Ragamuffins, creating posters for local gigs and exhibiting her artwork around town, this artist-musician's creativity is on display everywhere.

In this candid conversation, Pranati talks to us about creative expression through art, lyrics and melody.

1) How did you discover your love for music?

My parents would eat, sleep and breathe music, so

Shashi Tharoor, Padma Lakshmi to speak at Bhutan’s inspiring literary festival

The happiest nation in the world – beautiful Bhutan – is all set to host the 8th edition of the annual Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, from the 25th to 27th of August. The festival celebrates ideas, creativity and culture, and curates a program that is enriching and inspiring.

The festival is an initiative by the India-Bhutan Foundation in collaboration with literary agency Siyahi, and brings together writers, photographers, musicians, poets, pop icons, environmentalists, artists and filmmakers to engage in cultural dialogue, share stories and enjoy a rejuvenating three-day get-away in the

This lady is stamping creativity wherever she goes!

We all have received letters from friends and family, stamped with small colourful squares of paper, evoking imagination and intrigue of faraway places, famous moments in history and tales of explorers, scientists, leaders and commoners. Many are miniature works of art.

Meet Deepa Melkote, an 84-year-old, who creates her own works of art from stamps.

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You can help empower deaf artists by buying their stunning art online

While most 20 year-olds spend their time balancing studies or work and their next weekend getaway, Smriti Nagpal, all of 23, was already a social entrepreneur. Nagpal is the founder of Atulyakala, who aims to help deaf artists express their creativity while earning a decent living as well as live a life of dignity through this platform.

Who led to the creation of Atulyakala?

With two older siblings who were hearing impaired. Nagpal often served as the ‘voice’ of her brother and sister. Interpreting their sign language and sharing their thoughts and

Vinyl Revival: In conversation with Amarrass Records

Whether or not humans will rise from the dead as zombies during an apocalypse is still debatable, but vinyl records are definitely coming back to life. Statistics show that vinyl sales in 2016 reached a 25-year high, with more than 3.2 million LPs sold last year. Plus, 2016 also happened to be the first year that more money was spent on vinyl than digital downloads.

In India, Delhi-based record label Amarrass Records is riding the trend by making vinyl in-house dedicated to preserving, promoting and reviving traditional folk and regional music

Samit Das Uses Detritus to Examine Memory + History in ‘Bibliography in Progress’

One of the oldest adages known to people is often just a simple line: ‘Art is what artists do’, because art is valued in its own right, separate from the personas of artists themselves. But Delhi-based artist, Samit Das, returned from a 10 year hiatus to prove otherwise.

In his latest show ‘Bibliography in Progress’, Das, also a scholar on the histories of art from South Asia, blends archaeology, history, ethnography and legends to create his own visual voacbulary to express how personal ‘archives’ interact with space.

The collection, showcased, at TARQ

Meet the man who turned a Himalayan forest into an art gallery

Gunehar is a small Indian village, located high in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It would have remained a non-descript village too, like thousands of others in the country, if it hadn’t been for a German businessman named Frank Schilichtmann. Blending a sense of can-do-ism with creative thinking and entrepreneurialism, he fuelled an arts explosion in this small town, making Gunehar a mecca for the creative and artistic in India.

How? Frank’s 4Tables Project, which began as a small gallery café with 4 tables in the village in 2008, is an

In Conversation With: Parvaaz!

In this candid conversation, Sachin, Kashif, Fidel and Khalid of Parvaaz speaks with us about singing in Urdu, not being genre specific, and about what defines the Parvaaz experience.

For more of Kerosene videos, visit our Youtube channel. And for more of Parvaaz's music, visit their website and follow them on Facebook too so you don't miss any updates on new songs and gigs.

Featured image source: Parvaaz